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We not only want to see you succeed financially, we want you to enjoy greater health and renewed energy. While learning about ways to support your own health and personal goals, you can start your own home-based business selling trusted natural supplements and health products.Our Business Centers provide total support for our new distributors. We even carry the products so you are not required to purchase your own inventory up front. You can literally begin your business today!

We have thousands of representatives throughout Africa, ready to help you network and grow your client base. Unlike common multi-level marketing ventures, our unique unilevel distribution plan actually encourages teamwork and rewards uplines for empowering their new distributors. We want you to succeed and will help you individually every step of the way. Learn more about how you can participate below.


Client Level

  • Exclusive Pricing – Reduced Product Cost
  • Research the Option of Growing into Membership at Your Own Pace
  • See Your Life and Your Family’s Health Transformed

As a Client with NG4L you will have access to all of our life-changing products at a significantly discounted rate. Herbal supplements, nutraceuticals, home care health electronics, and organic health beverages will all be within your reach. After your registration you will pay only 15% over the distributor price on all products. Whether you buy from a member, distributor, or come in to one of our many retail shops, you will be able to use your discount to get the products you need to live a successful, happy, and healthy life.

We have healthcare providers available at each Business Center to answer questions and help you choose the best products for your health goals. Our Members and Distributors are also a valued source of information and will be more than happy to work with you to find the absolute best products to enhance your lifestyle. 

Should you decide to move into full membership and distribution, and start receiving bonuses for the products you love, the transition is easy. Just talk to your Distributor, or come in to one of our Business Centers, and let us know that you are ready to start your career with NG4L.


Member Level 

  • Exclusive Pricing – NO Client or Customer Markup
  • Begin to Receive Rewards for Your Friends and Family’s Purchases
  • Start to Grow Your Career and Financial Goals

When you first start your career with NG4L, you will begin as a Member. Members are new Distributors who have been with NG4L for less than a month or whose monthly Purchase Volume (PV) is less than 50.

As a Member, you will be able to buy products at a drastically reduced rate (Customers pay 30% more than Members for their purchases).  You will be able to set your own schedule, take control of your life, and advance at your own pace. Your position with NG4L will allow you to build your financial independence and bring positive, life-changing products to the people who need them most.

New Members find that their first customers are their friends, family, and acquaintances. Their customers are the people who are excited to learn more about the beneficial and life-changing products NG4L has to offer.

We want to see you succeed and grow in the NG4L family. To get you started, you will work closely with your Sponsor to help guide you through the initial purchasing so that you can quickly accumulate your monthly PVs. Once you have established a client base and increased your monthly PV’s to more than 50 PV per month, you will be ready to transition into the role of a Distributor.

Distributor Level

  • Exclusive Pricing – NO Client or Customer Markup
  • Turn Purchase Rewards into a Lucrative Business Venture
  • Meet and Exceed Your Career and Financial Goals

When you become a Distributor with NG4L, you are not only a leader, but an Independent Business Owner. You will be the anchor for the Members whom you have sponsored; they will work under your mentorship and positive influence.

Distributors reap the greatest rewards financially by receiving commission, bonuses, and incentives based on the performance of their networks. At this commitment level, you are able to expand even further from the rank of Leader all the way up to Honorary Presidential Diamond. Each time your personal PV, Group Purchase Volume (GPV), and network structure  attain a qualifying level, your rank with NG4L increases as well. This progression is through your hard work and that of your mentors and all the Members of your group.

When you achieve the rank of Director, you drastically increase your potential impact in your community. Your outreach to customers increases at an even greater pace allowing for more visibility in your community and interaction with your customers. 


Begin the journey toward a healthier you. Contact NG4L today!